Hello! We are SYZYGY Extended Realities

Using technology, we help humans to thrive and grow. We are focused on people and sustainability as well as hard business objectives. We are happy to guide you in your way to the future.

Using technology, we help humans to thrive and grow. We are focused on people and sustainability as well as hard business objectives. We are happy to guide you in your way to the future.

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We are part of SYZYGY Group - the international network of digital agencies.

The SYZYGY GROUP creates better experiences through digitisation and transformation. The GROUP brings people and brands together, digitises structures and organisations, and develops new products, services and business models. With more than 550 experts for the human experience, consulting, design, technology and performance, the SYZYGY GROUP can craft a digital culture that generates positive change today and tomorrow and takes brands and companies forward.


Founded in 1995 and listed in Germany (Prime Standard), SYZYGY GROUP is part of the creative transformation company WPP, which holds more than 50 percent of the shares. SYZYGY GROUP is represented in four countries with offices in Bad Homburg, Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, London, New York and Warsaw.


The SYZYGY GROUP comprises leading consultancy and implementation partner for marketing and sales transformation SYZYGY, enterprise technology specialist SYZYGY Techsolutions, performance marketing and media specialist SYZYGY Performance, strategy and business design consultancy diffferent, VR specialist SYZYGY Xrealities and design studio Ars Thanea.

Case studies

Danwood VISION VR – property selling tool

We prove that with the use of Virtual Reality, we can deliver tangible business results. 

Danwood S.A, a leading property development company in Poland, approached us to help them to build the visibility of a new series of premium pre-fab homes named Vision. 

These beautiful houses, designed in cooperation with Danish architects, are being targeted at Germany and other Western markets. The main challenge was to find a way to convince potential clients to purchase a house which is not yet built and which they cannot see in reality. The client made a bold move and disrupted the business with Virtual Reality. SYZYGY / XR created a special software which places a customer directly ina virtual version of the house. For the first time, the property development business is truly mobile and agile. Furthermore, the selling tool is designed to be a multi-user experience: a salesman can enter the house together with the customer, advise and modify the exterior of the house during the journey. The revolutionary aspect of this VR application was that it was not only created for visualisation purposes but to enforce sales and drive business.

Adidas AR - Jam3/Adidas

Adidas wanted to celebrate the Adidas Predator shoe re-launch with a stunning, groundbreaking installation. There was one goal—to engage all the sneaker-heads. We made this happen together with Canadian agency Jam3 who invited us to collaborate on this project. We combined Augmented Reality and projection mapping to create a pioneering interactive experience inside a real shipping container. When stepping in, the visitors were transported into three unique worlds, one for each Predator style—Street, Cage & Cleat. Their journey included detailed 360º close-ups of the Adidas kicks, shots of motion captured soccer player wearing the shoes, awesome artistic visuals used for the surrounding projection mapping and multiple settings to play with on iPad via AR.

Earthquake Simulator AR - FM Ogilvy NY/FM Global

Together with Ogilvy NY, we created a mind-blowing Augmented Reality installation for FM Global, a leading property insurance company in the USA. We were asked to create an innovative risk management technology which would attract the attention of eleven thousand guest of RIMS – the biggest insurance event in the USA. And FM Global was one of almost 400 exhibitors. How do you find a way to stand out from the crowd? Our answer lay in using new technologies and delivering an AR installation which integrated a physical booth and software for a truly thrilling experience – an earthquake! The simulation was created using photo references we gathered from the main hall of the Henry Ford Convention Center in San Antonio. Based on these, weentirely re-created the space in 3D. Using sophisticated 3D simulation techniques, we generated a hyper-real earthquake, right in the middle of the convention hall. The experience was awarded an Effie trophy, which proves that using Augmented Reality has enormous potential to be effective for brands.

XR Lab

We believe in quality and thinking outside the box. Therefore, we are constantly exploring what’s achievable in the XR field. Below you can find some examples of our exploratory work:

Car VR visualizer

With the VR Configurator, we are introducing a completely new way of presenting and selling cars in virtual space. The experience is between two people: the car dealer and the potential buyer, both of which are experiencing VR space together to go through the process of customisation of the car. In this project we relied on our years of expertise in the automotive market to create a hyper realistic car in virtual space.

AR Card - Enhanced Lightning system

Our idea was to enhance a classic card game experience. Thanks to augmented reality, we were able to breathe more life into card images and replace or add to it with layered 3D models, allowing for more depth, animation or visual effects. In addition we implemented our own dynamic light system (DLS). This software takes real-life light from the surrounding environment and matches the AR contentperfectly. 

AR Card - Enhanced Lightning system

The ICE simulationwas based on our DLS (Dynamic Lightning System). It’s hard to re-create ice with all its light reflections and refractions. Using DLS, the light is changing the color of the 3D content to blend it perfectly to the real object.

AR Colouring book – texturing study

The idea is simple - kids want to experience what they draw. Using AR technology we are able to scan children’s colourdrawings, to create a 3D object out of them and apply their drawings as textures to the 3D elements. In addition, we again implemented our dynamic light system to match AR content seamlessly to the real surroundings.

VR Toy Factory - Interaction playground

This interaction demo was designed specifically for Oculus Rift and Touch controllers. We created Toy Factory to show how accurate and seamless interaction in VR can be. The setting is simple yet beautiful: you are one of the elves in the Toy Factory creating magical toys for kids. A vast array of objects to create and interact with makes this experience great fun. Using UX research on the human interaction with virtual objects, we worked hard to make Toy Factory the most enjoyable and smooth experience possible. So you don’t get motion sickness in here! We also implemented spatial audio and each element emits sound depending on your interaction with different surfaces and materials.

Group XR Director

Bartek Rozbicki
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